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Internet Marketing – Einstein was right

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    Internet MarketingEinstein famously defined insanity as 

    ‘Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. In that case I’m definitely bonkers, or at least I was, as for the last few years while trying to get involved successfully with Internet Marketing, I have been doing the same things continually without achieving success. At last, I think I have seen the light and have begun to change my ways.

    I suspect many people starting out internet marketing have fallen into the same traps I did – namely thinking there was a magic bullet in the form of software, or training, or ‘secrets the gurus don’t want you to discover’, which would catapult you to the top of the tree. BUT – real life isn’t like that. It’s a terrible old cliche but ‘if it sounds too good to be true it probably isn’t true’ is actually right on. So – the answer is to get our backsides into gear and do some work.

    Succeeding in Internet Marketing is easy if you can do two things.

    1. Provide a product for a hungry market
    2. Drive targeted traffic to that product

    OK there’s other things you need to do in order to succeed, like having an effective sales funnel, payment and delivery system, customer support, autoresponder and so on, but they are peripheral to the fundamentals and it is possible to use other people’s systems to provide these functions. In fact, with a product called The Affiliate Club, provided by Dean Holland’s Internet Profits Limited, the ONLY thing you are left to do is drive traffic, everything else, including the product, is done for you. [ois skin=”2″]

    Despite there being no magic bullet there is a lot of very valuable advice out there, and we would be foolish to ignore it. The hard bit is sorting out the diamonds from the dust. This is where experience comes into play and if you haven’t got much experience yet, then use other people’s experience. One really good way of getting lots of up to date advice is to join facebook groups that cover the subjects you need more info about. Some suggestions are:-

    Blogging – Blogging Mastermind Group

    Twitter – Twitter Marketing Group

    General internet marketing – Internet Marketing Super Friends

    Social media marketing – Knight  Marketing Mastermind Group

    SEO and marketing – USA UK SEO & Online Marketing Group

    There are loads more – do a google search or search for groups within facebook and you’ll find hundreds. The great thing about groups is that these are real people who started out just as we did and who are facing real world problems – you’ll find some wonderful advice on a huge range of subjects. If you can’t find the answer you need then post a question to the group. If you choose groups that are active, with lots of recent posts, you’ll get all sorts of people responding in a really generous and open way. Some of them may become real friends who you establish a close working relationship with.

    So – when you’re beginning there’s no point trying to re-invent the wheel, use someone else’s wheel by becoming an affiliate. In fact, if you join the Affiliate Club (see above) you not only get the wheel, but the chassis, engine, seats and Sat Nav as well. 

    With every good wish to you all on your internet travels.





    8 responses for Internet Marketing – Einstein was right

    1. Igert says:

      Hi Patrick

      Liked your article. Lots of great advice in there. Thanks for mentioning the groups. I will definitely check them out.

      Oh yes I think many of us have fallen into the “magic bullet” trap but as you say the only magic that works is hard work.

      Thanks for posting.

    2. David Rhodes says:

      Great post Patrick. Seems like you know what you are talking about when speaking about the affiliate club. If anyone wants some great training and earn commissions then you need to check out Patrick’s affiliate club. Wishing you great success in every noble thing you do. Sincerely david

    3. Hi Patrick. You are absolutely right about the fact there are “no magic bullets” but it was great to see someone break down and make very simple the essentials for success online.

      Driving targeted traffic to relevant products is a sure fire way to start acheiving success.

      The concept of the “Affiliate Group” is definitey one that every beginner marketer should be checkoing out.

      Was delighted to share this important post for you.

      Many thanks for sharing these tips Patrick

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village marketer


    4. Brian Oliver says:

      Hi Peter,
      Thanks for providing this blog, which will be especially useful for new internet marketers.
      Many fall into the trap of looking for the magic ticket to millionaire-dom (made up word) as you mention, however those that
      eventually succeed will understand the power of helping people.
      Provide value and solve problems for others and you are half way there.
      Keep up the blogging, and thanks for the useful links


    5. Brian Oliver says:

      Please forgive me, obviously I meant Patrick not Peter!! Not sure where that came from,
      its been a long day ha ha.
      Feel free to edit my comment accordingly..

    6. Bablofil says:

      Thanks, great article.

    7. Loyd81 says:

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    8. EllisX says:

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