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My internet journey part 1

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    Hello and welcome to you all. This is my first post and it seems to have taken an extraordinary amount of time to get to this point! Anyway I’ve made it and hope that some of the things I write about my internet journey here will help others wanting to succeed with internet marketing.

    I joined an organisation called Big Commission Blueprint in late December 2015 and then upgraded my membership to the Affiliate Club level. There are two other levels above which I hope to be joining in due course when my online income allows. The whole system is designed and set up by a remarkable internet millionaire called Dean Holland who has basically provided all the products, tools, training, software and websites to enable a complete beginner like me get started on (hopefully) a very profitable online career.

    I’ll try to be brutally honest with you about the ups, downs, problems and successes in my journey. I’ll tell you everything I’m trying in order to get my business going. I’m hoping that people will comment on my blog and let me know where I’m going wrong or how I could do things better. Anything I learn that works I’ll pass on to you.

    So – in the almost three months that have passed between joining the Affiliate Club and now – what have I been doing? Well, the first thing to remember is that my sole task is to provide traffic to the sales funnel that Dean Holland has set up. Dean’s sales funnel is very sophisticated and very successful. This guy’s been around the block and he knows what works. Trust me. So as long as I can send traffic to the funnel I’m in business. Sounds simple eh? We-e-ell maybe not.

    I’ve been trying to get started on internet marketing for several years now without success. The stumbling block has always been traffic. I’ve learned now that it shouldn’t have been. It’s my fault. I’ve always thought I could get free traffic without any (or hardly any) work. I’ve bought every piece of software, every course, every seo plugin, every piece of miracle-working crap from every single guru on the planet! If I saw a shiny object I was off like a startled hare to get it! All in the hopes that this would, at last, be the holy grail, the answer to all my problems. Of course it never was.

    There are only two ways to get reliable, targeted traffic. Buy it or work for it. If you can’t afford (or can’t justify) buying it then you have to do the work. Dean’s training is full of good advice. If you are going to pay for traffic then just about the best source is Solo Ads. This is where an existing successful marketer sends out your email to his list. This is the method that Dean and many of his most successful affiliates use. BUT – it is a minefield, you have to choose carefully who to partner with. It is possible to spend much more money than you get back in sales. However, if you have a lead capture page, it is a good way to build a list, and so may be financially justifiable on that measure only. If, like me, you don’t want to run the risk of spending money you haven’t already earned, then you’re left with free traffic. There are lots of methods of getting free traffic but some of the most effective are blogging, blog commenting, forum posting, and using social media such as twitter, facebook, youtube and pinterest.

    So what are the steps I have taken so far?

    1. Bought a domain name (two actually, the other one being which I will develop into a membership/sales site)
    2. Arrange hosting
    3. Install wordpress on this site along with a decent theme and required plugins etc.
    4. Try to make the blog look nice with decent graphics and so on – still work to be done there.
    5. Join internet marketing forums and start posting
    6. Create twitter account and start posting.

    The next (extremely) important step for me to take is to set up a lead capture mechanism on this blog site. There are a number of plugins that will allow input of email addresses but not many of them link to autoresponders. I have a self hosted autoresponder called arpReach which is exteremely good and will suffice until my list gets too big.

    I’ve been posting to twitter for just over a month now and have about 260 followers and a list with 800 members. I’m just at the stage of setting up my accounts with the marketing forums and starting to make posts and comments.

    So – thats where I am at the moment. I’ll post my second installment of the journey when I have significant progress to show. With every good wish to you all on your internet travels.






    6 responses for My internet journey part 1

    1. Hey Patrick,
      wow you are leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I first started and may I say you are doing really well. Great post full of wonderful info explaining your journey. You have put effort in here and as I read it, it has come from the heart.
      Keep true to that because a lot of people will resonate with the energy you are giving off. It is not hypey or fake…..very important to remember.
      If that is your first post for this blog site, then you will be doing extremely well.
      Keep up the good work and keep it coming mate-Jennifer

      • admin says:

        Thank you Jennifer. That’s really encouraging. I know you have achieved a great deal in the short time you have been with Affiliate Group and I hope I can emulate your progress. I find your continual engagement through the groups really valuable and is a great example of how to go about things.
        Every best wish

    2. Hi Patrick,

      Great to have my first visit your place my friend.

      Just a couple of points for you. I don’t want to seem picky but as you are aiming this blog at future members of the Affiliate Club I thjink you should have the terminology right. The Big Commission Blueprint is not an organisation – its a business process.

      As a suggestion for you try our the q & A site Quora as a really great source of free highly targeted traffic. Sure forum marketiung is good for traffic but Quora allows you to link to any website you wish inn oyur anser – forums only allow you a signature link and its normally very limited what you can use in your signature link.

      Sure you’ll have to do some work and research the best possible answer you can give but its wrth the effort AND you don”t have to put up with some of the “ego monsters” you find in some forums.

      Re your blog that I realize is work-in-progress can I suggest you have your photo shown some where in the banner and make your banner reflect what you stand for – the current image is nice but what does it mean toyour blog visitors.

      The clearer your message the more your visitors will hang arpund and see what you’ve got to share.

      Great start my friend and you have a natural easy writing style that is very easy to read,

      Best wishes from the remote Thai village blogger come marketer


      • admin says:

        Peter – thank you very much for your valuable input into my initial offerings! I take on board all that you said and will be more careful how I describe BCB, I’ll also (reluctantly) put a photo of me somewhere on the header (is that what you mean b yt the banner?).

        I have to say I’ve never heard of Quora but I’ll check it out asap.

        Many thanks for your kind comments and keep up the postings to the groups – I find them really helpful.

        Every good wish


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